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Loving care and a life-long home

for senior and special needs kitties

Who we are

Flower Feline Sanctuary is located on Camano Island, WA, about 50 miles from Seattle. Resident kitties enjoy a heated cabin and a fully enclosed catio where they can safely enjoy sunshine and bird watching. After a period of introduction for each new resident, the kitties live in a group housing situation. There are no cages unless a cat requires being inhibited from jumping or moving about for medical reasons. The sanctuary is on private property and can be visited by appointment only or during one of our open houses.

Our Mission

We provide loving care and a life-long home for senior and special needs kitties. Flower Feline Sanctuary takes in feral cats who are not considered “adoptable” into a typical home, senior kitties who may have age related health or behavioral issues, and cats with chronic medical conditions that require extra care. We mainly work with rescue groups and animal control facilities who do not have the resources to house these kitties indefinitely. We usually do not adopt out our cats because the kitties who come to us have already experienced trauma and upheaval and deserve the permanent security a stable environment can offer.

Our Values

  1. We will educate the public about best practices in caring for cats based on our experiences.

  2. We will treat each cat who stays with us as an individual and accommodate his or her preferences to the best of our abilities.

  3. We will provide our sanctuary residents with the most advanced medical care available while considering quality of life, and euthanize only when a cat is truly suffering and has no hope of recovery.

  4. We will maintain a clean, safe, calm and positive environment for cats in our care.

How to Help


Your donations are tax-deductible as Flower Feline Sanctuary is a registered 501c3 organization. Your help means a lot for kitties.

Monthly Donations

Please consider becoming a monthly donor. Your monthly gift will provide kitties with food and medical care they need.

Match Your Gift

If your workplace has a giving program, please check about adding Flower Feline Sanctuary.

Fundraising Events

Visit us at one of our fundraising events. We love to meet other cat people!


We are always looking for volunteers who would like to socialize foster kitties or just spend time with some of our resident kitties. Contact us if you have a skill and would like to provide a service for us.

Facebook Fundraiser

Create a Facebook fundraiser and invite your online network to support the life-saving work at Flower Feline Sanctuary.

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