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Need to Find a Home for a Cat?

If you have found a kitty whom you cannot provide a home for:


Take the kitty to any veterinarian to be scanned for a microchip. Also, check the area where you found him or her for LOST posters, as well as Craigslist and


Make sure that the cat is spayed or neutered and has had a full check-up before trying to place her or him into a new home.


If someone is not looking for the kitty, then you are free to start searching for a home for him or her. Take good photos and use social media to reach people you may already know or friends of friends who you can be assured are serious about adopting your kitty. It’s best for any cat to go from one home to another without a stressful stay at an animal shelter. Make fliers for places you frequent such as your veterinarian, dentist, coffee shop, etc.


Animal shelters are necessary and provide many excellent services but it’s usually a frightening and strange place for sensitive kitties. Worst case is that the kitty could get sick and then be euthanized. So be patient and house the kitty in a guest room, laundry room or bathroom if you have other pets in your home.

Also see this list of resources for ideas on solving behavior issues, and feline wellness and enrichment:

Have a Plan for your Pets

No matter your age or health, creating a plan for your companion animals in case of your death can provide you with some peace of mind once the plan is written and recorded. Don’t simply assume your significant other or your kids will adopt your pet as their own; circumstances and family dynamics change within the course of canine or feline lifetime.

A verbal agreement with a friend or relative is a good start but formal arrangements such as a pet trust can offer greater assurance that your wishes for your companions animals will be carried out. Providing a house key and pet care instructions with a sitter, friend or relative in case you are involved in an accident and cannot get home, along with this person’s contact info in your wallet is also smart. Make sure you leave information on how and where to get more medication if your pet is on a prescription drug.


For more ideas on planning for your pet’s future:

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