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An Exciting Fundraiser is Happening Now!

Maybe you've been wanting to upgrade your cat's old kitty post, or maybe you have multiple kitties and your current posts are just too small for everyone to enjoy. All cats need a variety of scratching surfaces (even if they have had the misfortune of being declawed they still "scratch" to deposit their scents), and most cats like to be up high and watch the world outside their windows. Here's your chance to donate to help kitties AND possibly "win" a fabulous brand new kitty post!

The kind folks at Scratch & Sniff Unique Pet Furniture have donated two posts they handcrafted with local driftwood. These posts will last a lifetime, and they add a lovely natural element to your home decor. The base of each one is about 2’ X 2’. They retail for around $300 each. You can buy similar kitty condos at Mud Bay, or check out:

Post #1 with round platform on top

We will be gifting these posts as a thank you to two of our supporters who donate $20. You can donate as much as you like and each $20 increment earns you a chance to be randomly selected to receive your choice of post. We will select “winners” on June 30th. Please write your choice of post #1 (round platform on top) or #2 (cradle on top) on your check, PayPal or credit card communication. If you are selected to receive a post, you need to be able to travel to the sanctuary on Camano Island to pick up the item.

Post #2 with cradle top

Thank you to Scratch & Sniff Unique Pet Furniture, and to our friend Kim who secured the donation for us.

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