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Welcome to our new website!

Fictional character Blanche DuBois famously said, “… I have always relied on the kindness of strangers.” As a small nonprofit, Flower Feline Sanctuary often relies on the kindness of strangers, but these folks soon become friends who share our dedication to helping neglected and abandoned cats. Our new friend Svetlana not only volunteered to take professional quality photos of our cats, she also committed to building our new website. Our designer and her husband are experienced cat people with a multiple feline household; they also foster kitties who need extra care before ready for adoption.

The global pandemic has undoubtably created challenges for each of us. We have had to work around these, stay flexible, and sometimes ask for help. The past few years of leaving a major metropolitan area, and starting and operating the sanctuary have been full of challenges that I had never encountered before. Revamping the website was one of those tasks that I was in no way qualified to attempt. But there are everyday tasks that we appreciate help with too! We are deeply indebted to volunteers who transport cats in need, visit regularly to socialize cats in preparation of being placed up for adoption, do the heavy lifting when our food and litter deliveries are made, create facebook fundraisers on their birthdays, donate auction items for our events, and bring us blankets and supplies such as paper towels. Fostering a cat or litter of kittens who need a soft place to heal and learn how to trust humans again allows us to help even more cats.

If you want to help Flower Feline Sanctuary, please contact us and tell us what you like to do. Yes, FFS is very small, but for each cat we save from a high kill shelter, or a short and hard life on the streets, we collectively make a difference.

Polydactyl Christina may look capable of using a computer, but she's more interested in catching treats with those mitts.

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