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Robert on his 1st night with us

Robert is our latest foster cat. He was obviously adored as a kitten as he’s very social. He grew however, as kittens do, and became a smelly Tom cat who was put outside. It wasn’t his fault he smelled and peed on things - it was his hormones. Then his people who never bothered to have Robert neutered moved and simply left him outside. Fortunately, a rescue person scooped this sweet boy up and arranged transport out of Yakima to Puget Sound through Kitties of Yakima. (Many rescues transport felines from areas such as eastern WA and CA to Western WA because we have a greater pool of adopters.)

We picked Robert up at a P & R and held him for his neuter surgery and rest/recovery. He’s met several volunteers here and had a chance to gain confidence and feel safe again. He will go on to our favorite cat cafe in Redmond, The Whole Cat & Kaboodle where someone will fall in love with him and make it official. Robert will live a comfortable life as a cherished member of a family, because multiple people and organizations cared about him as an individual.GiveBig is coming up - early giving starts April 22nd. Now is the perfect time to acknowledge small, local groups doing the work you admire and value.

Flower Feline Sanctuary’s mission to make cats’ lives better relies on a community of caring volunteers and donors. Medical care, as well as prescriptions, supplies such as litter, and quality food are ongoing expenses. Our page on GiveBIG provides more details about who we are and what we do:

Our goal again this year is $3,500. As always, we are volunteer run and 100% of donations go to the kitties. If you are planning to donate via GiveBIG, be sure to check your workplace giving programs to see if they offer matching donations. Thank you!

Robert after 10 days in our foster care


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