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An Exciting Event for all Cat Lovers

Join us for a Cat Positive Afternoon

Sat. June 24th, 2023


At Flower Feline Sanctuary

815 New Morning Rd. Camano Island, WA 98282

Suggested donation $20

*Catio tour of Flower Feline Sanctuary

*Learn enrichment and positive training techniques to strengthen the

feline/human bond and make your cat’s life FUN

*Understand the connection between feline diet & behavior

*Q & A - we welcome your cat questions

This event will take place outside rain or shine (under cover except for the tour),

so please be prepared for walking in dirt/gravel/grass.

Meet our Presenters:

Nancy Howard is the founder of Feral Care, a non profit formed in 2000, and the director of the Sanctuary at Hidden Creek in Bothell. ( Nancy runs the Whole Cat & Kaboodle in Redmond, which features a feline only grooming salon, store for cats, and the East side’s only cat cafe.

Cindy Rio-Rados has been training animals for over nearly two decades. She actively promotes positive training methods. Her own cats of Weekly Whiskers have appeared on numerous national and international TV shows. Her cat Romeo was also featured as the world’s first skateboarding cat in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! publications. Cindy lives with and actively is training her new kitten, Keanu Ku’uipo.

Diane Venberg, along with her mother, Geri Erb, co-founded Flower Feline Sanctuary on Camano Island in 2018. Diane designed all of the catios on the sanctuary property. She has also been a cat sitter and trap/neuter/return advocate for over 20 years.

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