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Cats in Ukraine need our help

By now we've all seen the media images of pet guardians fleeing Ukraine with their animals and little else. As an American, I can only imagine the fear, uncertainty, and fatigue these refugees must be experiencing as their homeland is invaded and destroyed. Fortunately, many countries are relaxing their laws about allowing animals in at their borders. Keeping their beloved furry family members with them means one less loss these folks will have to endure. Our companion animals are the best balm when we experience trauma and stress.

Not everyone could evacuate however, and many animals were abandoned. Below are links where animal shelter staff and rescuers are staying to provide for the animals left behind. Many of the links I searched made it difficult to donate in US currency, however this site lists PayPal accounts:

Another way to donate is via a large organization, such as IFAW, which then distributes the money to smaller groups in need:

We can only hope that the war will end soon and without more loss of life. In the meantime, we can support those putting their own lives at risk to care for the innocent animals in their charge.

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