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It's Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is the prefect day to celebrate the work nonprofit organizations do to help make your community a better place. Cat people know that “saving cats” requires 1) spay/neuter of all cats, 2) more adoptions of cats, and 3) creative solutions for cats who fall outside the norm. Almost all of the kitties who permanently live at Flower Feline Sanctuary qualify for that category! The cat rescue community can achieve so much more with collaborating. In addition to housing and caring for our resident population, we foster kitties who go on to be adopted out by rescue folks who are skilled at placing kitties with the right humans. Flower Feline Sanctuary offers those kitties a soft place to heal physically and emotionally, before moving onto the next stage of their lives.

I started my love affair with cat rescue many years ago as a foster parent, for a shelter which is much better now at saving cats than they were 30 years ago. Years later, I learned about what happens to most community cats in shelters and how disrespected they are in general. I began practicing trap/neuter/return and was hooked on the immediate gratification of making a difference. Every cat who went in to get altered and was returned to live their life without the unpleasant hormones and endless cycle of breeding was making a difference. Sadly, I also found out how many people hated these cats whether they were sterilized or not, and just wanted them “gone.” The seeds were planted for one day having the magical “gone” place where these cats could be safe and cared for.

Charlotte, rescued from a hoarding situation

I grew up in a home where companion animals were treated just like family members. Every day I recognize how fortunate my mother and I are that we’ve been able to make our shared dream a reality and found a cat sanctuary. Every cat who comes through our doors has a story; their resilience and ability to choose happiness never ceases to amaze me. Every kind person who donates, volunteers with us, or simply shares our FB posts is part of the energy that creates a true sanctuary space for these precious kitties. Thank you for being part of Flower Feline Sanctuary!

Foster kitties rescued from a parking lot. Five cats in total were living near a restaurant dumpster; all were unaltered.

You can donate via our website using PayPal or a credit card: or by sending a check to our mailing address: 815 New Morning Rd., Camano Island, WA 98282. If you are a Microsoft Alumni, please donate using:, as there is a $100,000 stretch pool from now until Dec.3rd, 2021!


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