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Make Meatless Monday your favorite day of the week!

Join us for a fun class on plant based eating and food prep on February 1st, 11AM - 1PM. Cost is $25 and includes lunch/samples and a take home food/recipe guide. If you've been wanting to include more whole foods, seasonal produce, legumes and grains in your diet, this is a great time to find out how. I'll cover easy preparations so you can fill up your fridge and have nutritious and fresh meals ready in minutes. We'll also look at using meat alternatives and how they can offer variety and familiarity when used in home-cooked meals.

Why is Flower Feline Sanctuary hosting a class on vegan eating for people? As founders of an animal sanctuary, we believe all animals deserve a natural lifespan with freedom from harm and suffering (ahimsa). We connect the felines we share our lives with to the animals forced to live and die in animal agriculture. I also posit that as a feminist and environmentalist, it would be contrary of me to support industries which violate female animals in every possible way and foul our waterways with manure lagoons. Does that mean our cats are vegan? I believe that the kitties, unlike humans, require animal flesh to be healthy. Their very instinct is to hunt and eat small creatures (or most of the creature anyway). Some people do feed their dogs and cats vegan food. This class is not a forum to debate the ethics of eating animals or feeding them to our companion animals. Entire books exist which debate these topics and I can certainly recommend some authors if you are interested.

SO, if you are looking for some new ways to "eat your veggies" and fill up on fiber, please RSVP. I promise there won't be any tofu or soy milk!

RSVP via email, text, FB or telephone

Class location: 815 New Morning Rd.

Camano Island WA 98282


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