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November 30th is Giving Tuesday, a day when charities of all kinds ask for your support. If you're reading this, we know that you love cats! Fortunately Puget Sound is home to a multitude of wonderful organizations helping cats through spay/neuter, rescue, adoption, and offering sanctuary space. Frankly, felines need all the help they can get. The majority of cats in many municipal shelters do not make it out alive. It's unknown how many cats make a meager living on the streets, or by living in managed colonies (with a caretaker). It's overwhelming for trappers working to humanely trap every kitten before they age of the crucial socialization period and striving to alter every adult before another litter is born. It's overwhelming to the rescuers who pull perfectly adoptable cats off death row in California shelters, where the kill numbers are the highest in the country. It's overwhelming for animal loving people who find dumped tame cats barely surviving. We care about these cats and we try to help as many as we can.


Flower Feline Sanctuary is a very small organization and we could use your help. We'd love to have more foster homes, more on site volunteers who can comfortably socialize with shy kitties and do some of the day to day chores, more drivers to transport, and more folks who want to help with fund raising. We recently took in five tabbies, all of whom were dumped off the hi way in a rural strip mall parking lot. A restaurant owner fed them, which likely kept them together and safely near the buildings, away from traffic and predators. We have arranged spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and flea treatments. After recovery they have placement in cats only shelter, where they will go on to find homes once again. These kitties are stressed and confused, but we continue to reassure them, while providing soft bedding and tasty meals. The youngest of them are two kittens, Jolene and Heather. Jolene has a fabulous loud purr and Heather adores playing with her new toys.


These tabbies will have a second chance at living a long, healthy life as beloved family members. Please keep Jolene, Heather, Valentina, Hugo and Grant in mind at the end of the month when Giving Tuesday rolls around. Plan to make a donation to help us help them, as well as continue to provide a warm and cozy home to our sanctuary residents. Thank you.

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