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Preparing for GiveBIG

It’s easy to think of the vast numbers of animals being killed for no reason other than that they are homeless and tuck it away because it’s so overwhelming. Generally, up to 70% of cats in shelters don’t make it out alive. But rescue folks think in terms of individuals. We know that we can’t save them all but that doesn’t stop us from trying to save as many as we can!

People in the rescue community understand the investment of heart and mind that is made for each cat who comes through the door. We commit to making that kitty’s life better in every way we can, to make up for all the suffering he or she endured. Every cat has a story that breaks your heart. We often give them a new name to go with their new life and the promise that this time, it will all be better.

Terrence is the most recent kitty to join us. The more I learned about Terrence’s previous life, I realized I couldn’t turn him away. This poor kitty was not technically homeless but he was badly neglected, underweight and covered in matts and dried fecal matter. He was obviously in need of a professional grooming and medical attention. Our vet diagnosed Terrence with mega colon, which may have resulted from his being run over a year and half ago - an accident which also cost him a back leg and his tail. Adding “insult to injury,” Terrence is also declawed. We are managing his condition with diet, supplements and a pharmaceutical for bowel motility, plus veterinary chiropractic /acupuncturist treatment. Terrence will also need a dental in the future. Our hope is that Terrence could be adopted as a single “special needs” kitty at some point (he dislikes other cats).

Our mission to make cats’ lives better relies on a community of caring volunteers and donors. Medical care, as well as prescriptions, supplements, supplies, and quality food are ongoing expenses. GiveBig is coming up (early giving starts April 19th), and we would love to have more FUNdraisers on board. It’s easy - you simply write a little blurb about why you love Flower Feline Sanctuary and then send emails out to your friends asking them to donate to us for GiveBIG. Donors can give as little as $5, so almost anyone can get involved and support a cause they identify with.

This link will walk you through starting a FUNdraising page:

Our page on GiveBIG provides more details about who we are and what we do:

Our goal this year is $3,500. Folks who live in WA love the idea of keeping their donations local; plus because we are volunteer run, 100% of donations go to the kitties! If you are planning to donate via GiveBIG, be sure to check your workplace giving programs to see if they offer matching donations. Thank you!

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